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About us


To provide our customers with a delightful experience by:

  • Providing exceptional quality products and services.
  • Offering fair trade to our associates and partners.
  • Protecting the environment by using less natural resources in our process.


At HIG Activewear we strive to:
  • Become one of the leading brands for athletic and leisure wear.
  • Improve the health and wellness of our customers promoting self-expression and awareness.
  • Transform the fashion industry by promoting environmentally friendly products.


At HIG Activewear we believe in:
  • People: Our core value is people. We want to help you achieve your dreams and the dreams of our associates and partners.
  • Excellence: We treat every order as if it is our own. Our commitment is that every product that we sent out will exceed your expectations.
  • Future: By manufacturing and sourcing locally, we help reduce our carbon footprint. Our paper waste is recycled in the city and excess clothing items or imperfect garments are donated to inner-city shelters.
High Intensity Gear (HIG) Activewear is designed with movement in mind, using our own EcoPoly fabrics, every piece provide great support and compression fit, colors that never fade and are easy to care for.



Like all of our handmade products, our custom artwork leggings are made in Canada, sweatshop free. We have put a lot of thought and development into how to make your custom leggings not only look good, but wear well and last long. Here's a bit about how your custom pair of art designed leggings comes together:


Our Custom EcoPoly Printed Legging Fabric

We developed our own perfect legging fabric formula!

When we set out to create our custom leggings, we started right down at the fibers! We searched out one of the last knit textile manufacturers in Montreal and sold them on our crazy idea to make custom leggings a reality.

Our fabric is medium weight and sturdy, yet breathable. stretches to fit your body, hugs in all the right places and bounces back after washing. You can wear your leggings over and over and they won't lose their shape.

After many months of testing for washability, endurance, and comfort, we developed our own perfect legging fabric formula.


Our Custom Legging Printing Method

Now that we have the perfect fabric base to carry your artwork, we move on to getting the perfect print. Our leggings are printed using solvent free sublimation inks. This printing method gives a vibrant, beautiful range of colours. We have worked with colour specialists to provide the most accurate colour matching to your original artwork as possible on fabric. And the most important part? Your printed leggings won't fade after wearing or washing! Your printed leggings are also easy to care for. Custom printed leggings are like getting a tattoo; Once you have one, you'll want many more!


How Your Custom Leggings are Sewn

We proudly make all of our products in-house. That means when we receive your order, print your design onto our fabrics, then cut and sew your custom leggings. Each order is handled individually by hand by our production team and is checked along the way for quality printing and sewing. We sew our leggings using a 4-thread overlock which incorporates a safety stitch along the seam for durability and stretch.